About Tom Hillenbrand

Tom Hillenbrand studied European politics, worked as an editor for the online edition of DER SPIEGEL.
Hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels – including the culinary thrillers featuring Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer as an investigator – have been sold and translated into several languages.
Tom has won multiple awards and is a regular on the SPIEGEL bestseller list. Contact

My literary agent is Rebekka Göpfert.
For PR enquiries and readings, please contact Dorle Kopetzky.
Books (fiction)
Englisch Cover of Drone State
Drone State

Why interview witnesses when all their movements and conversations have already been archived on a hard disk? Why investigate crime scenes when police drones have already photographed them from all possible angles?
A Brussels MP is found murdered near the EU capital. At first, detective Aart van der Westerhuizen is confident he can solve the case quickly using Europol's near-omniscient police computer TEREISIAS. But then he realizes the digital evidence may have been tampered with. Soon Aart becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to shake Europe to its core.

Glauser Award 2015 - Best German Crime Novel
Lasswitz Award 2015 - Best German SF Novel

English edition here:

German Cover of Montecrypto

When startup entrepreneur and bitcoin aficionado Greg Hollister dies in a plane crash, he leaves behind crypto worth billions of dollars - hidden somewhere. L.A. private eye Ed Dante gets hired to find the missing money. But why are the FBI, Chinese hackers and Russian criminals interested in the treasure the media has named Montecrypto? Dante soon finds out that Hollister's heritage is about much more than just a few digital coins.

English summary and rights info here.

Books (non-fiction)
Englisch Cover of The King’s NSA
The King’s NSA

Monitoring communication, profiling suspicious persons, doxxing one's opponents – long before the arrival of the internet, Europe's kings were already devising sophisticated systems for spying on their subjects. Letters, in particular, were systematically opened and read. A fascinating excursion into the Secret Cipher Chancellery of the Habsburgs, Louis XIV's Black Chamber, and the first era of total surveillance.

Available in German and English.

Englisch Cover of Bits & Bites. The invention of food
Bits & Bites. The invention of food

What determines what we eat today? Who decides what ends up on our dinner tables tomorrow? And what are the real origins of our favorite foods? Tom Hillenbrand takes readers on a fast-paced journey through the culinary history of the world—from the campfires of many thousands of years ago to the invention of corn to the hamburgers of the future. Filled with astonishing insights and surprising connections, Hillenbrand's essay is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking portrayal of what lies behind the food we consume every day.

Available in German and English.